houses going fast!

We started talking about houses yesterday, mainly because it was so roasting hot in our apartment that we couldn’t sleep…we miss Monterey. Today at work Jarom asked me what my second choice would be if we couldn’t get a starter house in California (they are a bit expensive!). I jokingly said Korea, then did a quick search to see what prices are like over there. Came up with some interesting results…


daily interestings

Doughnuts have a disputed history.

Jarom: “It is the people who whore out their Social [Security Number] that have bad credit.”

Stumbled on this from one of Blogger’s featured blogs, and thought it was fairly interesting. The author suggests that there are distinct patterns in who uses MySpace and who uses Facebook, and that these patterns tend to correlate with socioeconomic class. Check it out here.

I am mikajuk.

Texan woman who just got her security system installed: “Not only am I armed with a 357 magnum, but now I have security sign too!” (The installation technicians leave a sign for the yard and stickers for the windows of each home that gets a Platinum Protection security system.)


Saturday, 7:37 am. We have earned $32.33 this morning by learning about the Greater and Lesser Jerboas.

Here you see the lesser jerboa:

And the greater jerboa:

According to Wikipedia, “Jerboas are the members of the family Dipodidae; they are small jumping desert rodents of Asia and northern Africa that resemble mice with a long tufted tail and very long hind legs. The small forelegs are not used for locomotion. In general, Asiatic jerboas have five toes on their hind feet and African jerboas have three; the shapes of their ears vary widely between species. Jerboa fur is long, soft and silky. Diet varies considerably: some are specialist seed, insect, or plant eaters, others are omnivores.”