Ida B.

by Katherine Hannigan

yesterday I picked up another 11 books from the library, including this. took about an hour and someodd minutes to read. I don’t think most adults would be interested in the inner workings of a ten year old’s mind, but it was really funny, and definitely a quick read. I’d probably give it to a girl about ida b.’s age, along with several of kate dicamillo’s books.



by Steven Levitt

while this was definitely a thought-provoking read, I can’t say that it’s anything more than theories. levitt makes some very interesting connections between seemingly unrelated topics – but, as he more or less points out, they are merely theories; perhaps the topics really are unrelated. if nothing else, though, since I read it aloud to jarom when we were driving, it gave us some odd material to talk anytime we were in the car.

Ender’s Shadow

by Orson Scott Card

after being taunted by reading a couple pages over jack quimby‘s shoulder more than two years ago, I finally checked the book out and read it in a day. as expressed in a previous post, I thought it was fantastic. still debating whether I should read the other books in the ender series. advice, anyone?