I’ve noticed that my interest in any given activity comes in waves. A lot of the time, I just want to read. I devour books. But I gradually get bored with what I’m reading, or lose momentum after finishing a great book. Then I complain of boredom for a few days (or a week . . . or two).

On to a new interest! When I haven’t sketched for a while, I have to force myself to do it. But suddenly it becomes my favorite thing to do and I stay up much later than I ought to perfecting ideas and coming up with new ones. Every once in a while, cleaning is the thing that I want to do most (I can’t emphasize how infrequent this is), and I get really involved in it. Usually I stay up all night getting the kitchen spotless and the living room lovingly tidied. Then, of course, I’m completely burned out on cleaning, which is just one reason why that urge comes so rarely.

Do you have a steady hobby, or do you find your focus changes, like mine does?


8 Comments on “Focus”

  1. Nicole says:

    I definitely bounce around. I spent a year loving sewing, and refashioning, and all that jazz…and then I didn’t do almost any sewing for about the last year. I finally went through all the stuff that I’d saved as projects last night.

    For my birthday, Nate bought me stuff for a new hobby: metal stamping. It has potential! The stuff looks cool, and it’s sometimes therapeutic to hit something with a hammer at the end of a long day. :)

    • Mika says:

      Metal stamping?! What a cool hobby! I had a brief sewing phase when I first got my sewing machine . . . and then the desk got piled up with stuff, and I got distracted, so it just sits there forlornly. I really need to tidy up and get back to that.

      Also, please for heaven’s sake show me the cool metal stamping stuff you’re doing.

  2. Camile says:

    Lately I have been making Charlie a quiet book out of felt. It has eaten up all of my “free” time which is typically during naptime or way late at night. I also find myself consumed with one hobby until somehow it gets set aside and something else takes its place.

    • Mika says:

      I’m so excited to see how the quiet book turns out! I’ve wanted to make one but haven’t turned my attention to it yet. It does seem hard to divide one’s focus among so many things – the regular daily responsibilities PLUS side projects. It’s probably best we can only handle one at a time :)

  3. I think I need a hobby…

  4. reneecgirl says:

    I bounce around as well. Often I find myself thinking because I drug out all my “insert project/hobby stuff here” (scrapbook, painting, ect) I should continue using it. Then I burn out and clean it up and ignore it for months. Jake and I go through spurts with things we do together as well. Watching a certain show or playing a board or video game.

    • Mika says:

      What shows do you watch together? Lately I haven’t had the attention span to watch much tv, so Jarom has a bunch of shows he watches on his own while I putter around. But I’d love to hear about ones we might both like :)

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