I haven’t painted anything in a while. Actually, in about 3 months. Since I’ve had no energy to clean, the house has fallen into ruins, and I felt guilty spending time doing something “frivolous” like painting when the house was so neglected. It seemed like I should spend my time being useful, not enjoying myself.

Jarom worked really hard to help clean up the kitchen and living room, so I’m easing back into being creative. Last night after the kids were in bed – and I cleaned up the dinner stuff, and ran the dishwasher! – I finally did another potato print painting. The canvas has been hanging on the wall for months, waiting for a nice pattern to appear.

I envisioned something a little neater and more precise than I ended up with, but it was nice to spend an hour without worrying about straight lines and perfection. And I’m tentatively planning on some watercolor practice – soon.


3 Comments on “Tentative”

    • Mika says:

      Sorry, I’m writing from my iPod with a dog and June both sitting on me. I have a nasty headache and I’m too lazy to go find the camera. Maybe a bad quality picture on Facebook in a bit?

      • reneecgirl says:

        I often write things on my iphone, which causes poor punctuation, grammer and sometimes spelling (autocorrect fails?). Or I’m hold H’s hand and typing with the other so things get messed up, words get left out. Using the computer to type this feels like a real luxury. Especially since I should be packing and cleaning.

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