Yeah, you probably don’t care to hear about this, but it’s my blog and I’ll write what I want…and today I want to talk about potty training.

Most of the Evan-aged kids we know are girls. I hear that girls tend to potty train earlier than boys do, so I was a little jealous but not shocked that a lot of Evan’s friends and cousins have stopped using diapers. For the past year Evan has had a few pairs of underwear that he used for practice. In retrospect, it’s probably a bad potty training approach to just put your kid in underwear and let them figure out (through accidents) when they need to use the toilet. Also, it hasn’t ever worked. Evan knows that if he’s wearing underwear, he should tell me if he needs to use the toilet, but he just hasn’t been able to make the real connection between “I ought to” and “right now I actually need to.” As a result I decided a while ago to not worry much about potty training until Evan seems more interested on his own.

So…last night Evan was having a bath. Something disgusting happened, maybe you can guess what? As a result I mentioned to Evan that maybe he could try sometime to go in the toilet instead of in a diaper (or perhaps the bathtub). He asked for underwear after he got out of his bath and I obliged.

And he went in the toilet twice after that! And three times this morning! I don’t know where this has come from except that he has suddenly made the right connection. (Also, he loves stickers. Stickers are great rewards.)

There’s your TMI for the day. Potty training FTW!