Last year I made resolutions. Not so this year. But, for kicks and giggles, let’s see how I did with my 2011 resolutions…

  • Eat more healthy food and less junk food.┬áCompared to 2010, yes, I improved in 2011. And in December I went junk-food-and-sweets-free, which is pretty impressive considering how much sugary food is up for grabs at Christmastime. We did eat more fruits and vegetables. While the year as a whole may not have been a success, I think I’m on the right track with this, especially so far in 2012.
  • Be frugal. Hmm…I improved over the course of the year. Right now I’m being meticulous in budgeting. Have I mentioned I love spreadsheets?
  • Teach Evan. When I made these resolutions, I wasn’t in school. School ate up so much of my time that I didn’t spend nearly as much time as I wanted with Evan. He has started learning letters, opposites, and a few gospel principles, but I have a long way to go with my parenting efforts.
  • Go on a date with Jarom at least once per quarter. Done.
  • Write in my journal weekly. Not done, even a little bit. This year I’m doing a short line each day, and that’s working much better. I love keeping a journal but I’m exhausted at the end of the day, and there are so many other demands on my time throughout the day. It will take a lot of work for me to start keeping a regular journal again and right now, I don’t have the energy.
  • Develop patience by learning to think, even briefly, before speaking or acting. As I didn’t remember making this resolution, I can’t say I put much thought into carrying it out. I’ll let Jarom speak to whether I seemed more patient or not.
  • Be more disciplined about following a daily routine. If we are liberal about our definition of “routine,” then yes, done. I had a very vague daily routine. It involved breakfast, playtime, naptime, lunch, more naps, playtime, dinner, and bed. I probably meant a routine that enabled me to be productive. What I actually had enabled all of us to be fed and relatively happy. I’ll take it!

This year, I’m going to try being fulfilled. Read President Uchtdorf’s talk again. I want to learn to stop waiting for x┬áto be fulfilled – to not want a Golden Ticket. There are things I’m waiting for, of course, but I can be happy even while I wait.

Do you have any goals for 2012?