Can you believe this is my last semester of school? Ever? (Probably.) Jarom has no finals, but he does have a 30-page paper to write and then The Bar. (Yes. In capitals.) This is what my semester looks like…

Soc 339, Theories of Social Change. For whatever reason, this course was previously called Soc 429, and it still fills the requirement for 400-level courses. But it has no final exam, is taught by a really laid-back professor I’ve had before, and looks like it will be a good end-of-school-career class. I have it Tuesdays and Thursdays right around lunchtime. Downside: I’m usually busy getting the kids ready to go to the sitter’s house before I go, and although I pack lunch for them, I don’t get something for myself. Today I grabbed some honey roasted peanuts and a Jack Link’s beef steak (like a Slim Jim but more real) from the little store in the Wilk, but when I got to class I found out that “peppered” beef steak means PEPPERED. I took one bite and my mouth is still burning, 10 minutes later. (That’s right – I’m in class right now. The professor is out of the country until next week, so we’ve been having guest speakers tell us all about international internships and field studies, none of which I can do. So don’t blame me for being distracted.)

Soc 490R, Sociology of Suffering. I’m taking this from my favorite professor, the one who teaches the core theory courses. Total: 4 classes from him. This class is official titled “Sociology of Suffering: Nietzsche, Weber, Suffering, and the Moral Order of Modernity.” So far, fascinating. I have this Mondays and Wednesdays in the afternoon. Which means…no class on Fridays!

Soc 350, Introduction to Social Psychology. My very last required sociology class. I couldn’t get in to the section I wanted, so I’m taking this through independent study. Don’t worry, I have everything planned out so I’ll definitely finish it on time and graduate in April. (Hooray!!)

The big question, of course, is what happens after graduation? So far, we don’t know. I’d love if the answer is “Jarom gets a decent-paying job in or near Provo so we can just stay put instead of having to move,” unless of course it is decent-paying enough that we can move out of the basement. Finally.

Whatever happens, I can hardly wait until the semester is over!