Evan helped me put together Christmas cards.

He drew his first “realistic” picture (that I’ve seen). This is me. It has a head with eyes, eyebrows, and hair.

I bravely let Evan sit on my lap and use scissors to cut out this mouse, and a few more like it. It was awfully time-consuming, so only a few very special friends got them.

It snowed…just barely. Most likely, the reason we’ve had a dry winter is that I got snow suits for the kids. When we did get a half inch one morning, I took advantage of it. June was unsure.

I don’t think we stayed outside for more than half an hour, but Evan had a lot of fun. Afterwards we tried having hot chocolate and marshmallows…are you surprised that Evan just wanted to eat the marshmallows and refused to drink the chocolate?

Plus, we had Christmas vacation in California and got to visit with friends and family. June has started growling deeply whenever someone says “Dinosaur!” Evan is getting to be more fun; when he isn’t tired, he likes to play games with me and run around. Thankfully I have a little more energy now than I did last semester.

Other than that, just life as usual! Lots of reading playing, and time outs (for everyone).

Sorry I don’t have any other pictures. We didn’t take a camera with us on our trip at all.