I’ve been thinking off and on about doing a calendar journal instead of (or in addition to) a typical journal. The difference? See the picture below of a simple calendar journal, where you have an index card for each day of the year, and write one short entry per day each year.

Originally I saw this on design*sponge, but another blog I read (Wit & Whistle) did a version as well. And the beginning of the year is of course the perfect time to start. I haven’t decided yet on how I want it to look…but there’s time, right?

So far this year:

January 1 – June has eye infection, boogers everywhere
January 2 – Family walk at Provo River trail. Pretty weather!
January 3 – Back to school but class cancelled
January 4 – Delicious quesadillas for dinner
January 5 – June learned she can crawl into her laundry hamper
January 6 – Friend’s 40th birthday party; my 1st time in a bar

[By the way, I’m using bigger index cards so I can write longer notes and fit more years on. This way, I can get 2012-2024 on each card. …From now until I’m 40!)


2 Comments on “Calendar”

  1. reneecgirl says:

    I started doing the same this year, but I have not actually made it to the office supply store for index cards. I am currently cramming each days activities onto a square in my organizer. Perhaps tomorrow’s entry will say “went to office supply store to buy legitimate journaling supplies.” Probably not.

    • Mika says:

      I have about 40 cards on hand…so hopefully I’ll remember to get more before I run out? I think the idea is fun regardless of where you write the notes down!

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