Our caterpillar is getting so big! I wonder how much more it will grow before he makes a cocoon. The Romgi’s extensive research has led us to believe that our caterpillar will turn into a moth. Not quite as fun as a butterfly, but it’s still exciting! I took a few pictures this morning to show you how much it’s grown.

Every day – sometimes twice a day – I give it new leaves (dandelion leaves seem to be a big hit) and clean out the jar. I think I’m having more fun with this than the Bwun is!


One Comment on “Growth”

  1. VajYig Vwj says:

    eeeww gross. but fun.
    i remember my 5th grade class had catepillars. i came up with the great idea to mark each one with a different color highlighter so we could name them. teacher didnt think it was so good, she gave me a lecture on animal torture and made me write to 1000! bleh, she should have seen me toss her kitty into the fire. nah, i didn’t do that. this had nothing to do with animal torture, it was just a bright idea.

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