I don’t know if you remember seeing this Imaginary Star Chart in a cookie jar earlier this year:

I loved it (obviously), and the Romgi said he really liked it. Recently I was trying to think of a Father’s Day gift for him that wasn’t too…popsicle-pencil-holder-y. You know? It turns out I’d put this on my secret list of gift ideas. Unfortunately, we don’t currently have a $100 budget for parental holiday presents – especially since I told the Romgi that all I wanted for Mother’s Day was french toast and a nap. (Both were divine.)

So, since I value my time a lot less than $100 (I sadly don’t get paid at all, for anything), I spent a few hours making my own imaginary star chart.

Of course, since I’ve looked closely at both the original painting and my own rendition, I can see how mine is inferior – which I can blame on inexperience. But you know what? I’m really, really pleased with how it turned out. In fact, this reminds me of the part in Finding Nemo (we’ve seen it a lot) where Marlin says, “I feel…happy. Which is a big deal. For me.” The Romgi has been after me lately because I’m overly critical of everything I do. This painting, though – I actually love it, and I enjoyed doing it!

It made a great early Father’s Day present to my favorite person in the galaxy.