Today is one of those days where I struggle to remember thinking that it would be so much fun to have kids.

The Bwun is really adorable. Mostly. And most of the time I enjoy being around him. Today, not quite so much. We got off to a lousy start this morning and now jr is ready for a nap, but refuses to go to sleep, and the Bwun is going wild. This is how two-year-olds are, right? Sometimes I worry that I’m parenting all wrong, and that’s why the Bwun has days like today.

After a series of time outs, though, he’s calmed down a little. The house is (momentarily) quiet. Since getting sick earlier this year – was it really at the beginning of April? – I haven’t had much energy, and I feel worn out after the Bwun throws a tantrum.

Toddlers are a lot of work.


4 Comments on “Toddler”

  1. KHL says:

    You summed it up perfectly–toddlers are a lot of work. And this is normal 2-yr-old stuff.

  2. Jim Lewis says:

    It’s hard to recognize what’s normal behavior when you haven’t had your own 2 year old before. Just remember that no matter how smart he seems, he really is just 2 years old, and not expected by a certain Someone to be accountable until he’s 8… That might help with the perspective a little bit.

  3. Deborah Simonds says:

    You know the mantra I have to chant to myself constantly, “Developmental stages, he’s doing the best he can at the stage he’s at, he’s doing the best he can,” while I rock back and forth in fetal position. And even sometimes that fails and I just muddle through the day the best I can and pray for a better day to come quickly. Oh parenthood =)

  4. Sposita says:

    yep, normal 2 year old stuff, but you’re doing it exactly right – he’s testing your boundaries and you’re enforcing (that sounds like a bit too strong of a word, but…) them. So keep it up with the time outs and he’ll get better! … eventually. and read a book/do 5 minutes of something he likes for every time out you put him in – not a direct “you got a time out so let’s read a book” but kind of throughout the day… just to make sure he’s getting not only negative attention. (i forget this last bit sometimes!)

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