Doctor's office

Both the Bwun and jr had checkups today, for being 2 years and 4 months, respectively. I talked to the Bwun for a few days about going to see the doctor to “get numbers” (be weighed and measured), have vaccines to not get sick, and get a sticker. I told him jr would get her numbers too, but I’m not sure he really cared about that.

We haven’t been to the doctor’s office in a while. The Bwun loved seeing the fish in the aquarium out front, and liked playing with other kids. (I love that this office has completely separate rooms, divided by the giant aquarium, for sick and well kids.) He stood on the scale just fine. But as soon as we stepped into the actual exam room, he took one look at the nurse and started bawling. Apparently he DID remember our last visit.

So, we got to hold him down to be measured and have his eyes, ears, and breathing checked. The doctor tested his reflexes and confirmed what we already knew: the Bwun is strong. Oh yes. Quite so. When the doctor asked us if the Bwun uses two-word sentences, we almost laughed. The Bwun was counting to 10 on the drive to the office and he usually uses 4-6 words together. Not surprising, considering he’s our kid, and we’re both brilliant people, right?

Luckily the Bwun is up-to-date on his immunizations and didn’t need to get any shots. I brought the Romgi with me so I didn’t have to manage two kids who’d just been stabbed with needles, but fortunately only jr was subjected to shots today.

She’s growing well. Sure, she’s tiny, but the doctor said her strength is about what he’d expect for a 6-month-old. Strong again! I love our kids.

Here are the official statistics:

The Bwun

weight: 25 lbs (16th percentile)
height: 33 in (16th percentile)
head circumference: 18.75 in (23rd percentile)


weight: 11.5 lbs (7th percentile)
height: 24.25 in (42nd percentile)
head circumference: 15.25 in (2nd percentile)

Yeah…jr is getting tall. The Bwun did the same thing – in the first few months he grew several inches, and then stayed the same length for a while. I want to say two things about jr. First, since her checkup at 4 days old – when she measured 18.25 in – she’s grown a whopping 6 inches! Also, her head is kind of minuscule. She barely fits into most headbands we have.


One Comment on “Doctor's office”

  1. KHL says:

    It’s still almost impossible for me to find a hat that fits. So I sympathize with jr!

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