Mimi's Cafe – Orem

Feeling especially dangerous, Roni and I recently decided to eat in at a restaurant.  We had all been out shopping, and time had slipped by us.  We were in the neighborhood of Mimi’s Cafe, and Roni suggested that we eat there.  I really didn’t feel like going home and cooking, so I agreed.  We had been there in the past and the food had always been at least acceptable.

Where is the apostrophe?

The Bwun was getting hungry by the time we were seated, and we asked if we could go ahead and get an order for his food in first, so that it would come out before ours.  I always appreciate when servers are accommodating in this way.  Our server quickly took the Bwun’s order for macaroni and cheese and came back to get our order.  This was probably the only high note in our experience.

What can I say about food that was boring, uninspired and not worth the cost?  Not much.  The meat in my turkey sandwich was dry and overcooked, the sauce for Roni’s chicken was far too sweet, and the Bwun’s food came out of a Kraft food box.

Food Quality: 2
Taste:  2
Portion Size: 3
Service: 3.5
Overall Experience: 2.5
Price (per dish): $7-$14

tl;dr: Poor quality of the meal makes this spot not worth the trip.

Mimi’s Cafe
304 E University Parkway
Orem, UT 84058


Weekly cookie jar

I don’t crave sweet things very much anymore. Except at bedtime. And in the morning. And while I’m at class.

Please take that as a warning, and don’t hold me responsible for any weight you gain after this post.

Row 1: Nutella-filled bombolini / Lavendar-honey dark chocolate tart / Chocolate brioche
Row 2: Persian love cake / Lemon chocolate tart / Polka dot cheesecake
Row 3: Rose cake / Chocolate caramel shortbread bars / Grapefruit cupcakes