Toddlers are a handful

It’s not like I expected the Bwun to be calm and quiet all the time, but he’s certainly gotten more lively in the past few months.

We got a hand-me-down bouncer for jr and I took the cover off to wash it. The Bwun has since decided that the frame is one of his toys. Can you blame him?

He also loved when I let him see himself in the camera. With a few new teeth all coming in at once, the Bwun has been sticking his tongue out a lot.

And this is what happens when you're 7 months pregnant and too tired to go check on that rustling noise in the other room, choosing instead to tell your husband that "The cereal was cheap and I'd rather buy another bag than get up right now." The Bwun was mighty pleased with his mess.

Can I just say, I’m a little worn out? How do I handle TWO kids?!