Hello again

Things that have been happening recently:

  • We thought we might get to move to the apartment above us, which meant an oven (!) and a dishwasher, among other perks. But it didn’t work out. So we’re redoing part of the Bwun’s room to make way for jr.
  • The Bwun loves to talk and say new words. He also is currently obsessed with airplanes.
  • School started again for the Romgi, and it seems (so far) like he’s enjoying classes this semester. I like that his schedule is a little more open and I get a few extra naps during the week.
  • There’s a house near us that has a really amazing yard, with a garden and a little fish pond. I went on a walk with the Bwun last week and we stopped to see the fish. While we were there, a mangy-looking cat came and started drinking water off the plants. The Bwun and I went on another walk today, past the fish pond, and he kept asking where the cat was.
  • I realized that I don’t actually enjoy doing anything. I mean, aside from spending time with the Romgi and the Bwun. Don’t most people have a hobby (or two)? I’m tired of reading for the moment, so I spent a while harassing the Romgi until he came up with something for me to do. It turns out I do like carving stamps out of soft linoleum. Here are some poor-quality pictures of the old and new stamps I’ve done. Please pretend it’s cool, because I am a little bit having fun.

Old: bird

Old: mouse

Old: crocodile

New: ladybug

New: giant anteater

New: fox

New: owl