One thing I like about WordPress is that it gives me all sorts of statistics. From the fact that I keep an Excel spreadsheet of the books I’ve read, you probably know that I like having statistics. Among the many things WordPress tells me is the number of search engine terms that bring people to my blog.

Not surprisingly, most searches are for books – occasionally I get a search for something specific to me, like “bwun,” but these are rare. The #1 search engine term that leads people to my site is…

diary of a wimpy kid

…with 960 incoming readers (temporary though they surely are).

To give you an idea how many hits that is, the next most common term is “fablehaven,” with 360 links. From there it drops down to 184 for “the mysterious benedict society” and 183 for “diary of a wimpy kid rodrick rules.”

I can’t ever decide if I feel useful, for writing something that people were searching for information about, or irritated, because it turns out they were usually just looking for an image of the book cover. Oh well.

Welcome, either way. Enjoy your (brief) stay.


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