Good things and bad things

Because life is full of both, right?

Good: the Romgi gets to do an amazing internship (externship, technically, although my spell check says that it not a real word) in Korea. Bad: it is without me, and it is for a month. He left this morning.

Good: the Bwun and I went grocery shopping and we might be able to eat real(ish) food for the next week. Bad: I forgot we needed eggs, for the delicious macaroni and cheese I made for dinner, so we had to go to the Creamery. They were out of donuts.

Bad: I miss the Romgi so, so much. I’m sure it will get better, once we can write back and forth and hopefully do video chat (if I can get our webcam working); right now he’s on the plane, and it’s been a rough, boring day. I needed cupcakes. Good: some friends came over with cupcakes for the Bwun and I, and stayed to chat. It made me feel incredibly better.

Good: I took some pictures of the Bwun eating his blue-frosted cupcake (I am such a nice mom. But he was such a nice Bwun today). Bad: the Romgi took the camera cable with him to Korea. I’m not sure if we have another.

Also, military wives, I don’t know how on earth you do it. I’m having a hard time facing the idea of one month, where my husband is in no danger and can talk to me frequently. My hat’s off to you.

And finally, please check out this off-the-charts amazing lamp. If you’re feeling generous…get one for the Bwun?