The Fablehaven Series

by Brandon Mullfablehaven

All I can say is: why do I have to wait until next year to read book 5?

Ok, that’s not all. Many thanks to Katie for loaning me not only Fablehaven but also books 2, 3, and 4, which I read over a span of about 3 days and nights. (If I didn’t have actual things to do, like take care of the Bwun and eat and sleep and try to keep our house somewhat presentable, I would have finished a lot faster.) Seriously, I loved the books. They were well-written to the extent that I hardly noticed the writing – it was more like playing out very intense movies in my head. It’s been a while since characters were so lifelike to me. And Mull passed the real Roni test: I cared what happened to the characters. Well done!

Absolutely recommended for anyone who enjoys fantasy, or fiction at all. That means you!


2 Comments on “The Fablehaven Series”

  1. Romgi says:

    I don’t think i’ve seen you so engrossed since Book 7 for Harry Potter

  2. sposita says:

    I’m so glad you like them! I’ve only read book 1 (it was what was at the library) and I really liked it. You’ve convinced me I need to read the others, too.

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