Behold the Bwun!

I finally found a usb cable for getting pictures from my camera, while the one I usually use is with the Romgi in Korea. Being well-used, I think.

Happy Mother's Day!


Hot water

Or, Mothers Day = Boo!

As you know, we live in the basement of a duplex. (Perhaps a basement apartment in a fourplex?) We share utilities with the people who live above us. Most often, I grumble about them being loud at night – or during the day when I want to nap, which I realize is unreasonable. I’ve never confronted them, even when it’s past midnight and their shenanigans keep waking me up (although I did compose and then cancel a text message to the wife asking them to quiet down. I was too afraid of confrontation to send it).

But I’m debating talking to them today.

Yesterday morning, the Bwun woke up at 4:30. Yes, a.m. He stayed awake for about two hours and then I decided enough was enough, and back into his crib he went. I slept until 8, and when I woke up I could hear the shower going upstairs. I dozed a little more. At 8:45 the shower was still going (or again?). It was off for a little while, but when I woke the Bwun up at 10 the water was on again. I did manage to give the Bwun a warm bath, but by the time I needed to have a shower, there was absolutely no hot water left.

On Mothers Day, I had only cold water.

This morning was disturbingly similar. When I got up at 8 the shower was going. It ran off and on until just before 11. I made lunch for the Bwun and I around noon, and when I went to wash the dishes, no hot water. I came out of the kitchen and hear the washing machine running upstairs.

Now, I completely understand washing your clothes in hot water. I’m sure it gets them nice and clean and wonderful. But when you’ve been using up hot water all morning, do you really have to use the remaining water for laundry?

I WANT A SHOWER! With warm water!

Is that too much to ask?