We’re ok…

…because right now the Bwun is asleep.

It’s been an interesting week without the Romgi. I’m not sure that the Bwun notices at all, because with school the Romgi was gone a lot anyway, but I definitely notice. I was talking with a friend in the same position (except she has four kids), and we agreed that the worst time of day is the time our husbands usually came home – when you just are counting down until there’s some help, some relief, some company.

I’ve been adjusting, though, and except for this evening, when the Bwun decided to be an absolute terror, it’s been getting better every day. I shouldn’t have written that hot water post when I was so grouchy. But I did. Oh well. I washed 4 loads of laundry today on warm/cold, just because I could.

Seriously, though, the Bwun was a nightmare. He fussed about everything, he dumped food everywhere, and for the first time he walked over and smacked me in the face! He’s usually sweet and cuddly and I’ve never seen him do anything like it. In our house we do a warning and then a 1-minute time out if the behavior is repeated, and I thought about just skipping the warning this time, but I decided to make it the sternest warning I’ve ever given and I told the Bwun there are no more warnings about hitting. Automatic time out if he does it again. This system usually works for us: the Bwun has never repeated a behavior that got him in time out, at least not the same day, when it would be reasonable for him to remember getting in trouble.

One week down! Less than 4 to go. The Bwun and I are doing a swim class three times a week, and he loves it. We go with a mom across the street whose daughter is a day younger than the Bwun (but significantly bigger), and there are two other moms in the class. One has a tiny baby, maybe seven months old, and the other kid is about 3. The Bwun is the only kid who seems to enjoy being in the water!

I have lots of pictures to post, but like I said, the Romgi took the camera cable to Korea. I’m looking for one to borrow because I’m way too cheap to buy a spare.

And that’s all I have to say for now, except that I haven’t had a nap in a week! Is that an accomplishment or a tragedy?

P.S. The Romgi has been posting some pictures from Korea. I hope he doesn’t mind if I link you to his blog.


2 Comments on “We’re ok…”

  1. Katie says:

    I most likely won’t be working tonight, so if you need some company (either in Provo or Salt Lake) let me know! :) I’m sorry it’s been so rough!!!

  2. Bethany says:

    Sorry it was a rough evening! Hooray for less than 4 weeks left!

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