2010 in 16 easy steps

Here’s how our year has gone so far:

1. Replace the dead car.

2. Make aebleskivers for FHE.

3. Split internet with our diagonally-upstairs neighbors. Only one room in our house (the bedroom) has a strong enough signal to connect.

4. The Bwun gets a cold.

5. My cousin has her baby 5 weeks early, so we postpone the baby shower.

6. The Romgi gets a cold.

7. The Bwun gets a cold again.

8. I get the flu and an ear infection. Plus powerful painkillers.

9. Baby shower #1.

10. I move the computer to the other side of the bedroom so it’s not in the Romgi’s way. The internet barely works. Try to get the Romgi to go talk to the neighbors about it.

11. I get the flu again.

11. Baby shower #2.

12. Valentine’s Day dinner at my aunt’s house (my parents and sister are in town).

13. The Romgi gets strep throat.

14. Cancel 1-night trip to Midway – the Romgi’s parents were going to watch the Bwun overnight.

15. I start feeling sick again.

16. Trip to CA this Thursday? Please let us all feel better!


One Comment on “2010 in 16 easy steps”

  1. KHL says:

    I hope you all feel better for CA too!

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