Picture go normal

It’s been a long, rough week. Last Saturday I went to the ER with an ear infection (and lest you think me ridiculous for going, I thought my ear hurt every bit as much as the almost-ready-to-push contractions, except without any pauses. And it was my ear, face, and neck instead of my middle.) and haven’t been able to hear much in my left ear since then. I’ve been exhausted, partially from the medication, partially because I’m still fighting a bad cold, and partially because I have a small child, so despite being back at home for most of the week I haven’t found the energy to write.

Yesterday I hosted a baby shower for my neighbor.

I decided I don’t really enjoy baby showers.

It went well: I made some amazingly cool cupcakes (but forgot my camera, so I’ll post pictures when I get them from my neighbor), came up with two great games, and crafted favors that turned out surprisingly well. Also I made an alligator stamp. It is super cool.

But I’m not a take-charge sort of person, or a comfortable-in-large-groups-of-strangers sort of person, so it was awkward for me to try directing and organizing a bunch of women. I mostly just wanted to go home and sleep.

This coming Saturday, I’m hosting another baby shower.

It will be much better, I hope.

The Bwun is crying in his crib. It doesn’t sound like he’ll give up anytime soon. Maybe it’s time to go get him and see if he’ll take a bottle of warm milk – I even added some Hershey’s syrup. He likes cow milk during the day, but at night just wants to nurse. So far weaning seems like way more trouble than it’s worth.

Anyway, here’s a nice gift idea if you need one!

Vine Floral crib bedding by Skip Hop

(I’m not expecting, but at some point I do want to have a girl; this is on sale and I love it. Even if you hate it, you could be nice and buy it for me!)