Wheat Chex

The Bwun takes after me: he loves Wheat Chex. I tell him they’re crackers, for whatever reason.

He's eaten about half the box by himself.

I’m not sure how he eats them so quickly, given that he only has two teeth (still).

But he manages somehow.

Also, it’s really hard to take a picture of the Bwun. He likes to move around a lot.


Can you believe he’ll be ONE YEAR OLD in less than two weeks? It’s difficult for me to accept! While it does seem like ages ago that we were in the hospital with him, the year has gone by really quickly. Remember when he was this tiny?

It took both the Romgi and I about 15 minutes to get the Bwun into his going-home outfit. We were so timid and unsure!

And now he’s all grown up and eating Wheat Chex…sigh.