Hey, all you cool people who read my blog: I won’t be posting for a few days. I’m staying with my in-laws while I’m all drugged up, and mostly I plan to sleep. Which is what I’m off to do now.

Today's gift

I used to be really good at journaling. In high school I wrote almost every day, and I was fairly regular my first few years of college. But since about 2005 (coincidentally, the year the Romgi came back from his mission and we started dating) I’ve been horrible. Every few months, at best. (It’s horrible for me. I don’t mean to imply that every few months is bad in itself.)

But I might be able to do something like this:

One Line a Day via Design Mom


Last night around 5 my back started to hurt a little. Within an hour it ached so much I could hardly move. Taking some Tylenol helped, but I got a headache, I was stuffed up, and my throat started swelling. I put the Bwun to bed and then went to bed myself, hoping I’d feel better in the morning.

Instead, I woke up about every hour, and in the middle of the night I had a high fever. I think (though I haven’t confirmed with the Romgi) that I was delirious. The Romgi suggested I take a hot bath, and I’m sure the water was hot but within minutes it felt lukewarm. It did help, though, and I was able to go back to sleep until the Bwun woke up in the morning.

I hate the flu!

Luckily a friend picked the Bwun up and watched him for several hours so I could rest, and the Romgi came home early from school so I had help. But I sure wish I felt better already!

Maybe not

After my great post-Spark nap last night, I really couldn’t sleep. I was awake until 6:30. In the morning. And the Bwun woke up at 9. (He was up much later than usual because he had a post-dinner nap, too, when normally he takes just one midday nap. I thought he ought to sleep in because of the extra nap…no such luck.)

With so little sleep, I’m definitely not feeling the “clean the whole house” idea.

Is it naptime yet?


(I had a nap earlier and now I’m not tired. So I’ve been looking for flower photographs on Etsy. Apparently I like pink right now?)

Lavender Harvest by GeorgiannaLane

Dandelion by SmallHandsPhotos

Love by MelissaBeach

Dahlia no4 by AramsEyes

Light in Studio, Vermont Lilac 02 by MinaLucia

Vanishing by JudyStalus

Love Me Tender by katydid74

freshly picked by inspiredimagery

Open by kittyrogers

Family of Forget-Me-Nots by SheShoots

my favorite dahlia by blissfulimages

3 Blues by slgdesign

Lilies of the Valley by dsbrennan


I’ve been inspired to clean our entire house. Deep clean and baby-proof. My goal is to finish by the end of February…I have two baby showers to host coming up, a wedding in California, the final exam for my Social Psychology class, and the Bwun’s first birthday happening next month, so we’ll see how feasible my timeline is. As a sidenote, I’ve started planning the Bwun’s party, and it is going to be so. Cool. You’ll wish you were invited. (You probably are.)

Also, we have the Romgi’s externship dates pretty much tied down. He’ll leave for Korea just after our anniversary and stay for a month, then a few days after he gets back we’ll take a week-long drive out to North Carolina. He plans to work at a firm in Greensboro for about four weeks, and (I’m so excited!) we get to spend an entire week just exploring the area. So I’d love to hear what you like about the East Coast – and anything between here and there – what we should definitely put on our list of destinations. This should be a really fun summer for us. After North Carolina, and another week driving back, we’ll stay put in Provo and relax until school starts again.

Good times, I hope!

Today's real-life gift.

We had a fabulous evening: our neighbors watched the Bwun while we went out for dinner at Spark. If you live in Happy Valley, you really should consider going. The food was beyond perfect, from my alcohol-free berry martini to the flat iron steak to the ruby grapefruit brulee for dessert. (I know it sounds weird, but even the Romgi was impressed, and he hates grapefruit!) Best of all, I had two free hands to cut my food with, and I didn’t have to keep moving my cup away from the Bwun because he wasn’t there.

I adore the Bwun, you know that, but it was so great to have a little break.

We owe a huge thank you to ‘sposita, who generously helped fund our evening out! Come with us next time!

(By the way, the Bwun was apparently an angel for our neighbors, and was so calm they decided we must have drugged him before dropping him off. Really? He was a terror for me all day. And became a terror again as soon as we went to pick him up. Thanks, Bwun.)