Last night around 5 my back started to hurt a little. Within an hour it ached so much I could hardly move. Taking some Tylenol helped, but I got a headache, I was stuffed up, and my throat started swelling. I put the Bwun to bed and then went to bed myself, hoping I’d feel better in the morning.

Instead, I woke up about every hour, and in the middle of the night I had a high fever. I think (though I haven’t confirmed with the Romgi) that I was delirious. The Romgi suggested I take a hot bath, and I’m sure the water was hot but within minutes it felt lukewarm. It did help, though, and I was able to go back to sleep until the Bwun woke up in the morning.

I hate the flu!

Luckily a friend picked the Bwun up and watched him for several hours so I could rest, and the Romgi came home early from school so I had help. But I sure wish I felt better already!


2 Comments on “Misery!”

  1. KHL says:

    We’re very sorry you feel bad! I hope that you can get something to make you better–fast.

  2. Julia says:

    My grandmother filled out a diary like that when she was a teenager back in the 1940’s. I’ve read it and it’s really cool! With a little baby, a blurb a day is the best you can really do sometimes.

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