The Little Giant of Aberdeen County

by Tiffany Baker

{ 2009 | Grand Central Publishing | 341 pgs }

To start off, isn’t that a great cover? I had this book on my list before I saw the cover, but surely I was just the tiniest bit influenced by the art.

Truly has a pituitary gland problem that makes her grow at an alarming rate, to alarming sizes – from her birth as a 12+ pound baby to a gargantuan woman. She narrates the story (from a semi-omniscient point-of-view [is semi-omniscient a real term?]), spending the first half describing her relationship with her dainty, delicate sister Serena Jane, and later describing her life once Serena Jane marries the town doctor. There are a number of themes in the plot, and I confess not all were to my liking, but the book as a whole was extremely captivating. For a story with little action, it was definitely a page-turner.


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