Krondor the Betrayal

by Raymond E. Feistkrondor

After finishing The Dangerous Book for Boys, the only English book left in our house that I hadn’t read was Krondor the Betrayal. When the Romgi and I were in high school, he let me borrow the Riftwar Saga; this book is part of the Riftwar Legacy. According to both the Romgi and Wikipedia, it was written after Feist helped create the computer game of the same name. So, yes, this book is based on a game.

I confess that the story was thoroughly tedious for the first hundred pages or so. I didn’t want to read the book at all, but I had to read something. And I noticed for the first time that while Feist tends to have very interesting plots, his writing could use a little help. The more I read, in fact, the more I became convinced that he’s actually a rather mediocre author.

But, finally, I got to a point in the book where I was involved in the story, and actually felt like continuing on.

Now that it’s been about two months since I finished reading, I have no idea what the book was about. So I’m going to rate this one as altogether meh.


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