The Dangerous Book for Boys

by Con Igguden & Hal Iggudendangerous

This was actually one of my Christmas presents to the Romgi. We’ve skimmed through it before but I thought with the Bwun coming it would be handy to have our own copy.

The book makes me wish I’d had a more adventurous childhood, or that I’d known the Romgi when we were kids and I could have explored the creek with him. It’s a great instruction manual and guide for being an awesome little boy, so I have great hopes of the Bwun growing up well. Maybe we’ll even end up back east for a few years and he can roam around the countryside at our summer home (ha!).

Definitely recommended; if you don’t have boys, try The Daring Book for Girls.


One Comment on “The Dangerous Book for Boys”

  1. Bethany says:

    Why didn’t I think of getting this? It sounds interesting.

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