What a week it’s been. I’ve decided that I may quite possibly have the best life ever.

Did you hear about this? Click here to read the Romgi’s blog post with details of the Bwun’s birth and another exciting announcement. A hint what it’s about:


Aside from that, we’ve been getting used to the Bwun and parenting in general. It’s difficult – as many of you know – but very, very fabulous. We tried to get a decent picture of the Bwun while he was awake…

He looks kind of bug-eyed...

He looks kind of bug-eyed...

But he's just so cute!

But he's just so cute!

Then the Romgi wanted to take a picture of the Bwun and me both zonked out. I swore up and down that the Bwun wouldn’t sleep in our room, but here he is in our bed. He wakes up if he realizes that no one is holding him. Sad!

Yes, I'm using a turtle pillow.

Yes, I'm using a turtle pillow.

So, we’ve decided to keep the Bwun for good. Life is fabulous!

The Bwun

Meet my baby, the Bwun (it sounds like one). He arrived February 23, 2009 and is the cutest baby alive.

You want to know why he’s called the Bwun? I took a Korean 101 class a few semesters ago. On a quiz, I couldn’t remember the word for “word”…seriously…so I guessed. The Romgi, my husband, laughed and told me that “bwun” isn’t anything close to a real word in Korean. But, it makes a good nickname!

I love him more than I love any of the products on this page. But I wouldn’t mind it if you bought these things for him.







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