The Sea of Trolls

by Nancy Farmertrolls

This was on a list entitled something like “Fantasy books every 6th-grader should read.” It was one of the few I hadn’t read (as a 6th-grader or otherwise), and one of the books on my list that was available at the library. Thanks to the Bwun’s voracious appetite, I was able to start reading Saturday and finish today.

The first 100 pages were miserably predictable and therefore boring. But I kept reading, because if I got through The Eye of the World, I’m convinced that I can finish almost anything. Eventually the story did becoming intriguing, although I disliked the protagonist and his twelve-year-old mind. Annoying.

The ending was sappy and bleh, despite a plot twist I ought to have picked up on and missed. I have no intention of reading the sequel (or the third book, if there is one). But at least I can cross it off my list!

Now 5% complete with my 2009 goal of reading 100 books.


3 Comments on “The Sea of Trolls”

  1. Samara says:

    100 books in a year! Wow! I set a similar but less lofty goal of 50 books this year, and I thought that was a lot! Good luck! If you need any suggestions I’d be happy to trade!

  2. KHL says:

    Is the Bwunnie any better at going for the real food source instead of his hands or do you still have to fight him? And I’m impressed that you can concentrate enough to read in the middle of the night. My “best” effort was to watch the news I had missed earlier in the day.

  3. Bethany says:

    I like that part of feeding time…I can read! Although I never did it in the middle of the night. Usually in the middle of the night I’d fall asleep in the rocking chair with the baby. I want to have a reading goal this year too!!!! Maybe I’ll have a goal of 25 books though. Oooh, and I’ve already read 2 or 3 since January. Only 22 to go!

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