Me again

Yes, I am still alive. Yes, I am still in Utah. And yes, there is snow.

Snow is not really my favorite thing anymore. Well…it never was my favorite thing, but it was fun. Until earlier this week. Monday morning I got up to take the Romgi to work and when we opened the front door, this is what we saw:


Underdramatization. There was double that much.

Actually, the Romgi had looked outside when he got up that morning and there was no snow on the ground. In an hour and a half we got too many inches for me to estimate, and I had the joy of driving up to Orem in it. On the way we saw a bus sliding perpendicular to the road and I honestly thought it was going to crash and burst into flames. (For some reason, I have a great fear of cars bursting into flames – particularly cars that I’m in.) Luckily I made it to Orem and back, but realized that I’d need to go back to tutor in the afternoon and to pick the Romgi up in the evening. Since a storm warning was in effect until 10pm, I decided to drive back to Orem as soon as the snow lightened up for a bit, and hang out at the Romgi’s work or the mall for the rest of the day.

I managed to get stuck in the “parking lot” of our backyard and had to have our neighbor push me out. But by the time I was actually on the road, the snow stopped falling. Completely. It didn’t start again until I’d been safely inside the Romgi’s office for a while. Fortuitous! Blessed! And miraculous! The rest of the afternoon it snowed horrendously (tutoring was canceled, so I didn’t have to leave the building except when I walked over to the mall), but at least the Romgi was able to drive us safely home after work.

Sidenote: we never found a Christmas tree small enough to fit in our car, so I tried to make our house more festive by putting ornament-type things up:

I made that! I'm awesome!

I made that! I'm awesome!

I made these too. Well, not the mirror.

I made these too. Well, not the mirror.



Then: Christmas (a few days later, obviously). We hope we started a tradition by getting a bûche de noël from the French bakery:

It came covered in plastic things.

It came covered in plastic things.

We did not eat the plastic things.

We did not eat the plastic things.

I expected that being with two kids ages 5 and under would mean we had to get up early early early on Christmas morning. Surprisingly, Brandon woke up at 8 but went back to sleep – and Anna didn’t get up until after 8:30. I call that late for little kids. Here are some of my favorite pictures:

Brandon looking seriously underwhelmed.

Brandon looking seriously underwhelmed.

Anna trying to decide if this present is to her or from her.

Anna trying to decide if this present is to her or from her.

Typical - the Romgi's rat is sleeping, while mine is desperately trying to get the attention of a nearby person.

Typical - the Romgi's rat is sleeping, while mine is desperately trying to get the attention of a nearby person.

For me! The Romgi got me a pearl ring!

For me! The Romgi got me a pearl ring!

I quite like it.

I quite like it.

I did end up making Mom’s crescent rolls, and am proud to say I ate 9 of the 24. The Romgi made it to 5 this year, which is impressive. No one else managed more than 2. There is certainly something to be said for building up a tolerance for that much rich breakfast food at once. Those rolls are the best.

Despite the weather predictions of a major storm for Christmas, there was nothing but hail, wind, and a little rain at Besta’s house, and by the time we got back to Provo the 4-5″ of snow (they said there’d be a foot) had been cut down to about 2″ by the rain. So we managed to completely miss the bad roads, and instead had a great holiday!

Coming soon: my last book review this year, my completed 2008 reading list, and, of course, my 2008 Year in Review.

Coming not quite as soon: the Bwun. And the end of sleeping in.

P.S. My husband is super awesome.


8 Comments on “Me again”

  1. Romgi says:

    I liked the “coming not quite as soon” section.

  2. roni says:

    Pretty accurate huh?

  3. KHL says:

    I gave everyone here 2 crescent rolls to start with. Scott could only get through one, so I helped him out. (Yes that means I got 3!) Then later when Gram left, I forgot to offer for her to take some with her. Darn. Then 2 for today’s breakfast, one for afternoon snack, and then I’ll have my last 2 for tomorrow’s breakfast. Aren’t you impressed with how long I can make them last?

    I’m jealous, though, about your bûche de noël. We haven’t had a really good one in years.

  4. Kendy says:

    I still have two rolls left to eat. That’s a really great pearl ring! Those two statements were not very connected. But I meant them both. Glad you had a good Christmas.

  5. Kendy says:

    …oh! And those decorations you made? So nifty! I wish I had craft skills like that.

  6. juliaguila says:

    I like the pearl ring! Reminds me of Anne of the Island :D

  7. roni says:

    Mom: I was WAY too grouchy to enjoy the Christmas log. But that’s a story for another time.

    Kendy: the cool-shaped ornaments were really easy (not the snowflake)…just get different-sized strips of paper and staple them together at the ends. It took about 5 minutes. Plus hanging them up, of course. Good thing I keep a roll of fishing line handy!

    Julia Gulia: ooh it is like Anne! How fitting, since I kind of think of Jarom as my Gilbert.

  8. KHL says:

    Jarom is a much nicer-sounding name than Gilbert, though. (Although I suppose if you pronounce Gilbert Frenchy is sounds better.)

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