My Lucky Day

Guess what reader? (I’m fairly certain I have at least one reader). Today must be my lucky day. I just received an email letting me know that my email address has been randomly selected to receive £450,000.00 in the British National Lottery!! Those generous Brits, aren’t they great?

Can you believe it? It says that “e-mail addresses are picked randomly by computerised balloting,” so I didn’t even have to enter the drawing, and they picked me. Me, out of all the people with email address in the world! The best part is that this is all “powered by the Internet.” I didn’t know that things could be powered by the internet, did you? I bet we could use the internet to power entire cities. ENTIRE. CITIES. I’m definitely going to have to look into things powered by the internet, because the internet is what every energy source should be: cheap, limitless, reliable, and not at all dangerous!

You might be a little suspect of why the British National Lottery is sending me all this money (nearly the equivalent of 1 million dollars in useful currency!) but they completely explained it in the email. They said it was, “to enhance the utilization of the Internet.” Of course it is! Because nobody uses the internet, we totally need to encourage that by giving away money in lotteries that you don’t have to buy tickets for.

They tell me that all I have to do is give them my routing number and my bank account number, and they will wire the funds DIRECTLY to my account. Isn’t that nice of them? I guess paying for law school is no longer an issue. Thanks internet!


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