No Particular Reason

Here are some random facts about me. No particular reason, just a bit bored at work.

Languages I want to learn (at least conversational levels)

1. French – because it is French

2. Chinese – because it is sort of what Latin is for English, but for Korean

3. Japanese – Because it is similar to Korean

4. Spanish – I feel guilty about not remembering any of it from High School

5. German – I’m not really sure why…

Places I would like to live in, for at least a couple of years

1. Monterey, CA – Monterey may be the coolest city anywhere

2. Raleigh, NC – Weather isn’t bad, houses are cheap, and I’d like to live back east for a while

3. Seoul, South Korea – I love the pace of life in Korea. Also, the transit, the fashion, the food of Seoul always make me feel at home. Sometimes, I feel more at home in Korea than in Fairfield.

Places I would like to visit (no particular order)

1. Ireland – Because I imagine it being very green

2. Paris, France – to use the French I’ll be learning

3. Mongolia – I here it is ruggedly beautiful, and I’ve liked the Mongolians I’ve met

4. Beijing – the Forbidden City!!

5. North Korea – Because I can, even if it is only for one day.

6. Egypt – it is EGYPT… why NOT go there?

Things I want to learn how to cook

1. Dalk Ddori-tang – a spicy Korean soup with lots of chicken and potatoes

2. Abalone Bisque – Arguably the best use of abalone that man has yet to come up with.

3. Apple-cranberry pie – if you’ve ever had it, you would know

4. Chocolate Mousse – good stuff.

My Secret Ambitions

1. Become an Academic Decathlon Coach – it was most likely the most rewarding thing I did in High School

2. Teach – probably not at a public school, but I think it would be fun to teach or work in a school

3. Be able to ride my bike 20+ miles in one day – I’ve only done it once, and it was starting in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, it was hard, but rewarding.

Things I wanted to be when I was growing up

1. Marine Biologist – I think it was because my elementary school mascot was a dolphin, but it may have been because of EcoQuest.

2. Mathematician – Maybe because of Malcolm in Jurassic Park, and I used to really like math

3. Astronomer – again, I liked science, and let’s face it. Space is the final frontier.

4. Lawyer – Perry Mason is pretty cool.

I think that is it for now. Feel free to admit any of your own random facts on your blog, or in the comments!