Informal Poll

Everyone has an opinion, right?

And everyone likes sharing their opinion, right?

The Romgi and I currently have two ideas for nursery themes (if we ever bother to actually decorate or to purchase items that fit with whatever theme we choose): pirates and outer space. If we were spectacularly amazing – and a little richer – we could probably find some way of combining those and making a pirates in space room, which, honestly, might be pretty cool.

But, since I doubt that will happen, which of the two ideas do you like better?

(Please don’t tell me that it will be cheaper to just to outer space because then we can stick stars on the wall and call it good. That is not the point. And that’s not what we would do anyway.)

Really, though.

Pirates? Or outer space?

CLARIFICATION: This is the sort of pirate theme I’m talking about –

Not this –



14 Comments on “Informal Poll”

  1. Romgi says:

    So, each has its good points (neither has bad points really). So here we go

    Space Pros: the most fun parts could be on the ceiling, and that is the least covered part of that room! Also, I bet here are some pretty awesome mobiles for a space theme.

    Pirate Pros: Thanks to Johnny Depp, pirates are now manly and kid appropriate. However, with pirates a lot of the fun stuff would be on the walls, which are covered by the desk, the bed, and everything like that.

  2. sposita says:

    i vote space all the way. this is me being persnickety, but pirates are not nice people. they’re PIRATES. (even the charming Johnny Depp variety)

  3. Bethany says:

    I detest pirates. I can’t even stand the movies anymore…not that I cared for them much in the beginning. I prefer outer space! Pirates are dirty and ugly. Thats right, I said ugly. Including the “oh so charming” Captain Jack! :) Space has lots of (well, could have) lots of bright colors. And space probably has way more interesting mobiles than a pirate theme. What would that be? A ship, a cannon ball, some freaky pirate head and a skull hanging over the baby?

    Tone of voice and emphesis don’t come out as well when written. I’m not trying to come off rude. I just really hate pirates. BUT, ultimately, it’s your decision. As long as you’re happy, I’m…. :)

  4. Romgi says:

    I think you guys are misunderstanding what we mean by pirate-themed.

  5. jessica says:

    i like the not this example. haha. or outer space. but really i like gr

  6. jessica says:

    well, before kitty kitty jumped on my computer i was going to say that i like grown up things most of all. but as a kid i was just weird like that. haha okay in all seriousness, i like the outer space idea. so many cool things available ( i had a glow in the dark star comforter!!!!) and it can grow with him (i had that comforter in college!!!!)

  7. Wendycat says:

    I vote for the space theme. The little dude might get creeped out eventually even if the decor is not “evil looking”. Pirates are also not good people, they rob, and scare the living daylights outta people. In a way decorating it in a pirate theme might kinda glorify their behavior in a way.

    I vote for a space theme… heck you could even do his crib up in a space ship thing so he’ll get to sleep in a space ship every night. Then you could add all sorts of cool/weird planets of your choosing on the walls. Heck I’d personally go for a planet that had fur instead of dirt.. just think of the possibilities. OOohhhhh beanbags as moon rocks; alien stuffed animals….

  8. I think a Treasure Island room would be precious around the rug that you uploaded! But I think a planetary thing would be cool, too. You can get stars that light up and I believe that as a kid I would have loved the feeling of sleeping in a room surrounded by stars.

    Here are some places that might give you some inspiration for either:

    This page has all kinds of stuff for a <Pirate Theme Nursery Theme and Bedding. You have to scroll down past the ads to get to the good stuff.

    Here’s a room with outer space or rocket ship baby bedding and some planet wall stickers to consider. I think I like the rocket baby stuff best. As much as I like the idea of natural room decorations, sometimes color and cool graphics appeal to me.

    Congratulations and best wishes. Claire

  9. KHL says:

    I vote for unarmed pirates. Okay, pirates with no guns. I’m not sure you can have a pirate without a cutlass or something.

  10. Bethany says:

    Ah….Now I understand. Cute pirate blanket. I still vote for space.

  11. roni says:

    I’ve added some outer space things to the Bwun page. Check it out!

  12. Bethany says:

    Whats the Bwun page?

  13. roni says:

    On the top right of my blog there are 4 page links in blue. “The Bwun” is what we’ve been calling the baby – it’s a word I accidentally made up in a Korean class I took a while ago…anyway, the Bwun page is where I put all the cool things I would like to have. I mean, things I would like the baby to have. Mostly.

  14. roni says:

    So, I’ve been trying to find outer-space-themed decorations that fit with whatever Ronistyle I’ve got. Going well so far. But I would like to say that I had a pirate/treasure map birthday party when I was a kid and it was ONE OF THE COOLEST PARTIES EVER. I think we’ll all just have to agree to disagree on whether or not it’s bad morals to decorate a baby’s room with cute cartoon pirates and ocean-y stuff. (What I really had in mind was The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, but I don’t think the Romgi would let me do a room based solely on that!)

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