Informal Poll

Everyone has an opinion, right?

And everyone likes sharing their opinion, right?

The Romgi and I currently have two ideas for nursery themes (if we ever bother to actually decorate or to purchase items that fit with whatever theme we choose): pirates and outer space. If we were spectacularly amazing – and a little richer – we could probably find some way of combining those and making a pirates in space room, which, honestly, might be pretty cool.

But, since I doubt that will happen, which of the two ideas do you like better?

(Please don’t tell me that it will be cheaper to just to outer space because then we can stick stars on the wall and call it good. That is not the point. And that’s not what we would do anyway.)

Really, though.

Pirates? Or outer space?

CLARIFICATION: This is the sort of pirate theme I’m talking about –

Not this –




Very bad news – at least one of the grocery stores in Provo has ALREADY stopped carrying Mother’s Cookies!

What am I going to do??