Murder on the Orient Express

by Agatha Christie

This one counts as a real book, right? Not like that last one I read.

I’d like to say that the problem with discussing a mystery is that you can’t say much about the solution. You know, there’s a risk of giving too much away. I don’t know how many of you have read the book or have any interest in ever reading it, so it’s safest to assume you are all desperately clamoring to pick up a copy, having never read it before. Alright, alright! I won’t give away the ending!

In all likelihood I’ve never read an Agatha Christie book before. Not that I specifically remember, at least. We had tons of books growing up and I probably read 80% of the fiction on my parents’ bookshelves (note to self: Tom Clancy novels are not good reading material for 12 year olds). At any rate, this was my first “official” Agatha Christie read, and I must say I certainly enjoyed Poirot. He’s quite charming.

However, I’d like to (very vaguely) say that I didn’t much appreciate the solution. It felt much too contrived. And there were times when I thought Poirot was too insightful for his own good – almost to the point of being omniscient. Where’s the fun in that? Honestly! But, overall, it was a nice to read a murder mystery, and I’ll definitely seek out some more Agatha Christie in the future. Do you have a favorite to recommend?

My rating: 3.5 / 5 stars. According to the Romgi, my 5-star rating system is incredibly convoluted and ridiculous. 3.5 stars is the equivalent of a B+, meaning I liked the book but don’t feel the need to buy a copy to add to my collection.

Below is the full breakdown of my rating system. You tell me if it’s convoluted and ridiculous, ok? (The system also applies to movies.)

1 star = F. I hated it. Yuck. Waste of time.
2 stars = D or C, depending. I didn’t quite like it, but I got something out of it.
3 stars = B. I liked it, in kind of a “meh” way.
4 stars = A-. I definitely liked it and would buy a copy, on sale.
5 stars = A+. I loved it and need to buy it.

(In case you’re curious, I’m pretty sure this system is based off my idea of grades. Notice how B and A- are not good enough to get 5 stars? Yeah, maybe I’m obsessive about grades sometimes.)


2 Comments on “Murder on the Orient Express”

  1. Katie says:

    I haven’t actually read this book, but my parents have a bunch of the Poirot movies and there is one about a murder on a train, and i’m guessing it might be from this Agatha Christie book. I actually really like Poirot and find him quite entertaining. I started reading a book in the Poirot series, but ran out of time before the due date for the library approached, so I never finished it. Next time we are in SLC (Sunday i believe) I’ll have to show you the Poirot movies. They’re fun. I totally get what you mean about the solutions being a little contrived sometimes though. Yay for Poirot!

  2. Kendy says:

    You’ve never read Christie before?? Wow. I’m a huge fan and have been for ages. I’ve read tons of Poirot, and recently I’ve gotten to read more of Ms. Marple. I have a copy of ‘Death on the Nile,’ which I like quite a lot. As for the tv, I prefer watching Marple over Poirot. Anyway, I know what you mean about ‘Orient’ being a little contrived. There are others that are better, but that’s one of the most famous. You should definitely check out more. I’d stick to the Marple and Poirot, maybe a few of the other detectives. She has a few random things outside that. But whatever you do, DO NOT read ‘Ten Little Indians,’ aka ‘And Then There Were None.’ Pretty sure that one gave me nightmares. Other than that, good luck and have fun!

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