A Vote for Sterilization

You know an article is going to be good when it has this title: “Fleeing shoplifter forgets son.” Apparently, a man in Amsterdam stole a package of meat, ran out of the store (leaving his 12-year old son inside), and sped away in his car, despite a store employee who clung to the hood trying to stop him.

The boy, of course, told police how to get ahold of his dad, but when they called the dad…he refused to come pick up his son,¬†and said they’d have to contact the boy’s mother.

Later he turned himself in.

How would you feel if you were that boy? Knowing that your dad feels more strongly about getting some meat than making sure you’re ok?

I suppose if it were really good meat…


Completely Random

So I went to the BYU homepage today, and was greeted by this picture and caption.

Pepper spray may deter bear attacks better than guns.

The guy is holding two polar bear cubs with the mom knocked out next to him, and all they can say that it “may deter bear attacks”?! I think if the situation ends up with the bear unconscious, you can safely say it IS effective. Next time I go camping in bear country, I’m bringing whatever it is they are selling.

A New Link

I have added a new link on my links list. It is a blog called “stuff white people like.” It is a satire of trends in the upper-middle class white community. Maybe you have heard about it, maybe you haven’t. I think it is hilarious, and more often than not I am guilty as charged. You should check it out, but remember that it is a joke, and that it should be taken as such.