The Ersatz Elevator

by Lemony Snicket

It’s taken me a while to get back into reading this series — I read the first 3 before the movie came out, but just recently picked up #4. Since then, they seem to be going back and forth between brilliantly unfortunate and altogether mediocre.

#6 is fun. The story is really taking off, now. My interest is finally piqued enough that I will read the rest not only because they’re short and enjoyable, but because now I want to know what happens.

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The Hidden Wound

by Wendell Berry

Although this book was assigned for a class and not something I simply picked up, it was a really enjoyable read. Berry uses beautiful prose and great literary devices to help himself — and all of us — understand the real implications of racism, not only for the victims but for the racists. He feels that as whites we have done ourselves a great injury by failing to acknowledge, accept, and appreciate the widsom and worth of other cultures.

Such a short book is easy to get through, but I found myself flipping back through it to reread passages. If you’re in the mood for something poetic, honest, and philosophical, pick up a copy of The Hidden Wound. (And let me know what you think of it!)