jarom came over this evening. we played a crayola-fied version of the question game. it was good times. then we got frostys, talked some more, and he asked if we could head out. about halfway down n texas he said, “take me home an exciting way.” so we drove around for a bit, and finally he said, “I was wondering…what you think/want of me.”

my reply: “jarom, I think you’re amazing. you can argue all you want against it, but you are. I admire you as a person. you always seem to be doing what you know is right, and you’re constantly trying to be better, and you encourage me to be better. to push myself and become more — to be better. I guess what I want of you…well, for now, just to know what you think of me.”

him: “I think you’re amazing. and I missed you a lot.”

so we talked more about our past, and I said I think we’ve grown up enough that we could be the best friends we’ve always had the potential to be. maybe indefinitely best friends, and that’s what I want to see about. he mentioned that senior year, when we sort of had a dating-ish-relationship thing, he liked it, but didn’t feel quite ready for it. and now…he doesn’t feel that hinderance anymore. I asked what he thinks we should do; he said he didn’t know. we were about to his house then so the conversation kind of ended. walked him to his door and got another good hug.

that’s about it. lots of discussion; no direction from here, exactly, although he did say in reply to my question of what he wanted of me, “what I don’t want is drifting apart. so what I do want is togetherness.”

no work tomorrow, mostly! I’ll go in for about an hour. bedtime now.

sweet dreams,


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