but it's cheaper this way

if I were at byu right now, and abiding by the “laws” of…whoever made them up, I would owe my roommates ice cream.


there’s a part of me getting very anxious now that in the next few months — when I really do have roommates — I will owe them a steak dinner. things are happening more quickly than I anticipated, much more quickly, and yeah I’m euphoric, but…am I ready for where this is going?!


friday I'm in love

well, it’s now “official,” we are dating.

this is, however, going to take some work. it appears that one of us is still getting over the I’m-a-recently-returned-missionary-and-I-haven’t-really-been-in-a-relationship-before-anyway awkwardness. and I’m not sure that the same one of us has informed our parents of the change in status, which would explain the incredibly uncomfortable hour I spent talking with jarom and his parents this evening. all I wanted to do was put on a good movie and cuddle, but no, didn’t happen. oh well…I still woke up smiling, and I’m still going to bed with a smile.

played miniature golf at scandia with jarom and quentin tonight. got a 75. how awful! man, I’m terrible at things like this. I got a 93 when we all went bowling on wednesday. the point is having fun, though, and I did have a thoroughly good time.


date update

most times are estimates, since I didn’t have a watch and was unconcerned about the time…

5:00 picked me up at my house.
5:15 food at the athenian grill in suisun. they mixed up our orders (lamb souvlaki/beef souvlaki) and we didn’t figure it out until he told me to try some of the lamb.
6:00 walk along the marina. talked, played with cattails, etc.
6:30 sat on bench by marina. talked, watched the occasional cyclist, etc.
7:00 went to wal-mart. he didn’t tell me what he was looking for…but finally he had to ask a salesman where to find: kites!
7:30 arrived at the field at good ol’ armijo and tried piecing together our kites (his was a tiger, mine was an awesome-looking sky monster).
8:30 went on drive out to wooden valley road.
8:50 headed part of the way up to twin sisters; pulled over where there was a gorgeous view. the sun was most of the way down. talked. listened to the wind and the crickets. cuddled.
9:30 drove back to my house for homemade strawberry ice cream.
10:00 walked out to his car to get my kite; glorious hug and he asked me if he warranted a second date. yes of course!

ah, enthusiasm. and twitterpation. it was one of the best dates I’ve ever been on (not that I have a whole ton to compare to), and we got to fly kites! he gets lots of bonus points :)

anyway, I realize this is not as monumental to everyone else, but it was my first date with jarom hillery and it went awfully well. tomorrow a group of us are going bowling, then to denny’s, and I said I’d give him a ride. for now, bedtime! sorry for the lovesick ramblings.