wahoo, wahoo, wahoo!

so there are many good things today.

1. I got to leave work early and go to lunch at johnny carino’s with kimberlee and kristin. mm good food, and good company. then we ate cheesecake.

2. david is back in the u.s.!! he called me this afternoon and we talked for a bit. I was really, really glad to talk to him. it made my day. better.

3. well, I mentioned to david that he might call jarom, and sort of see how things went. which he did. so later I called and left a message with my number and said if he (jarom) wanted to, he could call me back, otherwise I’d wait until sunday. and he called me back!!!! we talked for maybe 15 minutes, he definitely has an accent. but he invited me to come over tomorrow evening for the barbeque his parents are throwing. it was wonderful. I was very nervous though and felt kinda awkward, like I had tons to say but maybe I should wait and not overwhelm him. but, hopefully we’ll all have a good time tomorrow.

4. ryan is supposed to call me back soon.

5. I got two new pairs of adorable shoes, and summer-ish pajamas, paid for by my mother. huzzah!

6. there are fresh strawberries and cherries in the kitchen. I think they’re even from saechao’s. mmmmm. fruit!

7. I made a new cd this afternoon, with the songs I keep listening to, and it’s very upbeat and sing-along-ish.

8. this one is old but yesterday I went out for a drive, in the rain, with 3eb on as loud as my poor ears could stand it. I was rather hoarse after that.

9. even though it looked completely wrong, I just spelled “hoarse” correctly.

10. I am mika! behold me in all my mikaness.