I mentioned before that Jarom and I were planning on doing a joint Christmas present this year. We ended up getting a memory foam mattress pad, but it cost so much less than I anticipated that we had money left in the budget for more gifts. Jarom had the idea that we’d each take half of what was left and get at least one present for us together, and one for the other person.

Guys, this is brilliant.

In addition to the mattress pad, we got a new (completely luxurious) shower head, a new rice cooker, and a replacement can opener (ours was so broken that it took me 15 minutes to open a can of tuna last week). These were things we needed, but hadn’t bothered upgrading yet – and they were lovely surprises. Both of us looked into the best models available, so we have really nice new things. I liked that we each bought joint gifts, so there was the excitement of unwrapping a mystery item.

We talked about it afterwards and decided to do Christmas this way every year!


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