Last night we went to Jarom’s work Christmas party. His parents had generously agreed to watch our kids, and when we got there, we found out they had also generously agreed to let one set of cousins spend the night because the other set of cousins was arriving from California that evening. I’d brought pajamas for my kids in case we were out late and they needed to get to bed, but we left in such a hurry – without indicating that this was the pajamas’ purpose – that Jarom’s parents, reasonably, assumed that our kids were also spending the night.

So they did.

They also generously agreed to watch the kids all day today until Jarom got off work and went to pick them up. That means that I had no kids last night, and NO KIDS TODAY.

At all.

I took advantage of this by sleeping until 1pm, with a pleasant interruption in the morning of my buddy Megan bringing me cookies. Yes, I will gladly stumble out of bed for that! No one minds my hot pink sweat pants, right?

Now I’m debating possibilities for this afternoon. Finally make ornaments for the Christmas tree? Finally do more laundry so I have other pants, besides the sweat pants? Finally clean the kitchen (again)? Tackle the ketchcup mess on Evan’s carpet? (I hope you’re friends with me on Facebook and you saw the picture. Yep, it was gruesome.)

I do feel obligated to be productive, since this is the chance I’ve been waiting for – no kids, plenty of sleep, lots of time to get things done.

Many thanks to my in-laws for making this day so lovely and beautiful!


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