The Dark Wind

by Tony Hillerman | 336 pgs, published 1982darkwind

More Hillerman, not much to add. Good book that made no lasting impact on my life.

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Listening Woman

by Tony Hillerman | 320 pgs, published 1978listeningwoman

I might have read this when I was younger, but I didn’t remember the plot at all. Not much to say except it’s typical Hillerman – so I enjoyed the mystery and the characters (though Leaphorn and Chee together make the best stories).

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Leadership and Self-Deception

by the Arbinger Institute | 207 pgs, published 2002leadership

This is the original book that Anatomy of Peace is a companion to. I thought maybe it would explain some of the concepts in a new way, and while it did give some better examples, I definitely prefer Anatomy of Peace.

I also think the title doesn’t fit. The gist is that whenever there’s a problem, we deceive ourselves that someone else is the cause and ignore the possibility that our behavior or way of being could be at least part of the problem. It’s much more workplace-oriented than Anatomy of Peace, which may be one reason I didn’t care for it as much.

So skip this and please, please pick up Anatomy of Peace if you haven’t already.

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