The Musician’s Daughter

by Susanne Dunlap

{ 2008 | Bloomsbury | 336 pgs }

Do you want to read a pro-Gypsies book set in 18th-century Vienna? If so, here it is. Bonus: 18th-century feminism! Was that a thing?

I’m not convinced that it was, but the narrator, 15-year-old Theresa, wants to play the violin in Haydn’s orchestra, not marry and have her accomplishments confined to the home. She wants to be free to choose her own destiny! (This sounds slightly out of place for the setting, right? Not just me?)

The plot is decent, but political, and I’m sure there’s some modern-day message I was meant to glean from the “Gypsies are people too” slant. Maybe the point was that we’re still prejudiced today! Against Gypsies and women!

Life is short. Skip this book.

If you really want to, buy The Musician’s Daughter on Amazon.


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