Danny the Champion of the World

by Roald Dahl

{ 1975 | Penguin | 224 pgs }

Instead of doing something sensible like going to sleep one night, I picked up this book and settled down. What is there to say but that it was fantastic?

Have you still not read it? Go!

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2 Comments on “Danny the Champion of the World”

  1. Kendy says:

    This is my favorite of Dahl’s books. While his fantasies are fun, I think the struggles and triumphs of these realistic people are more engaging and heartwarming.

    • Mika says:

      When I first started the book and his dad hesitantly told him about poaching, I thought maybe he was just saying that to cover up something more sinister. Or just to be an interesting dad. I was surprised when that turned out to be the real story!

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