The Unit

by Ninni Holmqvist; translated by Marlaine Delargy

{ 2008 | Other | 272 pgs }

In this dystopian novel, any member of society who fails to make minimum contributions to society – in the form of having children or a partner who needs them – is considered “dispensable” and taken to a biological reserve bank at age 50 for women, age 60 for men. There they are subjects for research or donors for people who are “necessary.” The story follows Dorrit as she enters the unit and tries to make sense of (the end of) her life.

It was well written, and I liked the premise, but overall The Unit was too similar to Never Let Me Go, which I read first and therefore liked more. Still, The Unit was a quick, easy read, and not a bad book at all to pick up if you’re bored.

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