Nap time?

The past few weeks, I’ve been exhausted. I was doing fine until all those tests and papers were due right in a row, and since then I just want to sleep. As you might have guessed, I don’t have time for a nap.

But yesterday I fell asleep on the Bwun’s bed. It’s shocking how comfortable a tiny bed can be when you’re exhausted.

And it’s also shocking to suddenly hear a not-so-little voice shout, “WAKE UP!” The Bwun can be quite loud when he wants to. Yes, I woke up. Luckily jr did not when he tried the same thing during her nap the other day.

I think he got it from a line in Llama Llama Mad at Mama: “Llama dreaming in the car…Wake up! Wake up! Here we are!” The Bwun says the funniest things. Except nothing is very funny when you’ve been rudely awakened from an unplanned but desperately-needed nap.

On my calendar this week: two tests, another series of journal entries, and a Women in Law luncheon. Today I’m headed up to Salt Lake to try Les Madeleines with the Romgi’s mom. Jealous? You should be! I think it will be even better than a nap.

photo from Les Madeleines


One Comment on “Nap time?”

  1. Kate says:

    Make sure to try the Kouing Aman (or however it’s spelled…I never remember).

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