Dear world,

I have too much going on right now. I’m exhausted and, honestly, a little bored trying to write this paper for tomorrow. I just want to go to bed. Here’s my idea: you leave a comment telling me your favorite ice cream flavor, and the Romgi and I will make it next week. …For us. Well, if you live near us, we might share. Either way, your comment will make me feel better. Especially because the Bwun calls ice cream “i-syme.” Kinda like enzyme.

Let’s start this whole post over…


Dear world,

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?




11 Comments on “Dear world,”

  1. Jim Lewis says:

    Baskin-Robbins pistachio almond. Hands down my all time favorite. Followed in no particular order by pecan praline, chocolate mint, and fresh homemade strawberry.

    Now I’m starting to salivate like a pavlovian puppy.

  2. Mint cookies and cream. Hands down.

    Also, I think you’re fantastic. That paper should have the decency to write itself.

  3. The Champ says:

    Lately I’ve been wanting lemon. You should come over on Friday and we will make dinner and you make dessert. Or you could go on a date to the deli without kids and then come back here for dessert.

  4. Kate says:

    Oreo. Or, just plain vanilla. I LOVE homemade vanilla ice cream, it’s the best!!

  5. jaromgi says:

    @The Champ – lemon ice cream or lemon sorbet?

  6. Sarah says:

    mint chocolate chip. forever.

  7. kendy says:

    I’m going with Dad on this one: BR Pistachio Almond. The only other flavor that I find to be on the same level is Maple Walnut, which is practically impossible to get. I don’t know how hard either would be to make, though.

  8. The Champ says:

    What if I don’t know the difference?

  9. The Champ says:

    Okay, I figured it out. Ice cream in the winter, sorbet in the summer.

  10. jaromgi says:

    @kendy- I just so happen to have the official Ben and Jerry’s recipe for maple walnut. I’ll make it. All you have to do is come visit!

  11. KHL says:

    I must have missed this post. But I’ll weigh in with 50-50 BR Pistachio Almond and Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia. But I kinda doubt you would be making either!

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